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We Need More Napkins

I eat, drink, cook and pour gnarly things, then share with the world.

By Justin Ludwig.

I would like to take a moment to salute the renegade pubs of the world, who have broken the shackles of deep-fried dry ribs, mozza sticks, and other things meant to be dipped in Ranch dressing, in favour of a fresh, healthy menu. It’s brave, and one such surprise was the Old Point Tavern in downtown Indianapolis. With a drink list showcases several local craft beers and a menu that offers more creative salads than fried appys, it made for a perfect lunch stop upon passing through the city.


The server told us right away that the chili was the best, and the result didn’t fall too short of the claim. Very spicy and savoury, with real vegetables, which may sound like a given but most chili south of the Mason Dixie is just barely-sauced beef and beans. I tried the Nut Hugger brown ale, on special that day, a hoppy but crisp beer that paired well with lunch.


Can I just say that I LOVE getting potato chips on the side with my meal? Chips are my number one all time crack food that I’m for the most part too guilty to buy and keep around the house these days. So getting them on a plate is the best treat.


Okay, so I began by saluting this joint for it’s fresh, healthy menu, and have talked only and chili and chips thus far, apologies. My sandwich was a chicken salad on rye, with sprouts and other crisp veggies. It was one of several sandwich choices, ranging from classics like this to more creative fare. But who am I to resist a well-made chicken salad sandwich? When you’re eating every meal in restaurants for an extended period of time, it feels like home.


For the super-nerd Olympic types, there are plates like this one, with a scoop each of chicken salad and tuna salad, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, and yogurt. I’ll take that over dry, crusty potato skins any day.

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3 years ago