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We Need More Napkins

I eat, drink, cook and pour gnarly things, then share with the world.

By Justin Ludwig.


I really can’t stress enough how important the font that a restaurant chooses for its sign is. We were STARVING in downtown Jacksonville, and after trying a Thai place that was closed, BB’s was the next closest choice. From the outside it looked really corny, almost entirely because of the wacky 80s font on the towering sign. It’s like the kind of font you get on a birthday card from your parents when you’re 12, with some one-liner about how rad you are on it. Or the invitation to a church garage sale that’s trying not to look too churchy. Lucky for me I was so hungry I would have eaten communion wafers for lunch, so we just went for it and were totally surprised by a really fresh and delicious bistro experience.


Spinach salad with a huge piece of grilled salmon and quinoa.


Probably the best steak sandwich I’ve ever had. You know how steak sandwiches are often just a tough piece of meat on a piece of toast? This sandwich balanced very tender strips of marinated tenderloin with Brie cheese, caramelized onions and red peppers, topped with arugula and pommery mustard sauce on a nice crusty ciabatta loaf. With their delicious shrimp bisque on the side and a glass of Syrah, this was one of the best lunches I had in weeks.

So I guess the lesson is sometimes you can’t judge a place by it’s tacky sign! (…but usually you can.)

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3 years ago