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We Need More Napkins

I eat, drink, cook and pour gnarly things, then share with the world.

By Justin Ludwig.

New Orleans is amazing. Why anyone would go to Vegas when this gilded palace of sin exists is beyond me. We had very little time to spend there on a crazy drive from Jacksonville to Dallas to catch a flight, but couldn’t resist indulging in a few hours on Bourbon Street. Decadent and depraved, there’s nothing for blocks and blocks of foot-traffic party but bars, strip clubs, souvenir shops and of course, amazing restaurants. Lots of it is very pricey, but there are some great Cajun gems that are also totally reasonable, like Remoulade.

There are tasting platters on the menu next to Po’ Boys, oysters and jambalaya, so Mike had the “Taste of New Orleans” and I had the “Taste of Louisiana.”


Gumbo, Mike’s first course. Another very rich, dark broth, thicker than some and very tasty.


Turtle soup! It’s a regional delicacy, and so delicious. The turtle is stewed, so it has takes on the flavour of the rich tomato broth, and has the consistency of ground pork. Extra points for the classic tin serving dishes.


(Oh yeah, and like most places on the strip, you can bring your party drinks in from the street, and then keep filling them up with pocket whiskey when the server isn’t looking…)


Mike’s main, which is New Orleans-style beans and rice, topped with grilled sausage, and a stuffed crab.


My main, a Natchitoches meat pie (basically a large empanada) and some lovely, lovely crab etouffee. Perhaps even more savoury than the stew I ate in Baton Rouge a couple weeks earlier, the etouffee was really the star of the show, though the meat pie was fantastic as well (and Natchitoches, it turns out, is the oldest permanent settlement in the state.)

My taster was much better than Mike’s. I love when that happens.

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3 years ago