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We Need More Napkins

I eat, drink, cook and pour gnarly things, then share with the world.

By Justin Ludwig.

You may have seen this gourmet seafood truck on Food Network’s Eat St. It’s right on the water in lovely downtown Victoria, my adopted city of the past year.


Not sure if it was the TV boost or the fact that this was this first sunny day on the island in a long time, but the line-up (made up as you can see of grumpy old men and babes alike) stretched a fair way down the boardwalk and caused a wait of at least 20 minutes.


The menu is upscale fish ‘n’ chip fare with some fun Americana-fusion touches, including Pacific Fish Sloppy Joe’s, Scallop Burgers and a variety of fresh seafood tacones. All the seafood is of course very fresh, and the truck has a reputation for quality, from-scratch preparation.


There are fried pickles, which are always amazing for three bites, but a chore to get through a whole order of. Definitely for sharing.


The Cod Dog, which is tempura-battered and served with “dilled dijonaisse,” pickled onions and tartar, and coleslaw on the side. Despite the hype (it was featured prominently on Eat St.) it was fairly unremarkable, with the pickle slices being the only flavour or texture that really excited the taste buds. The fish just couldn’t compete with the breadiness of the whole thing. Worth a try, but if I get a chance to make it back, it’s not what I’d order again.


Can’t beat the view though!

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3 years ago